SAICORP Underwriting

SAICORP's Underwriting team performs the following functions:

•  collection of underwriting information from Government agencies;

•  allocation of insurance premiums across agencies and other entities insured through SAICORP;

•  provision of insurance advice to agencies;

•  facilitating the purchase of commercial insurance between agencies and SAICORP's insurance broker for one-off or specialised insurance not covered by an Agency Agreement or for which SAICORP does not wish to retain the risk; and

•  monitoring the performance of the broker contracted to provide reinsurance and insurance broking services to SAICORP.

The provision of comprehensive insurance cover to Government agencies by SAICORP is documented in an Agency Agreement, which contains details of the cover provided and any exclusions, both general or agency specific. A new Agency Agreement is signed each year. A copy of the Agency Agreement for your agency is available upon request to one of the members of the Underwriting team.


2017/18 SAicorp Questionnaire Seminar

2017/18 SAicorp Questionnaire Seminar Presentation Slides - (398KB PDF)

2017-18 SAicorp Overview of Cyber Cover - (144 KB PDF)

2017-18 SAicorp Questionnaire FAQs - (144KB PDF)


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