RiskConsole is the cloud based system used by SAFA and it's agency clients to manage end to end insurance business requirements.

Log in to RiskConsole


If you have received an email from Ventiv (support@ventivtech.com), it’s because you have been allocated a login to RiskConsole, which is the system SAFA uses to collect the Questionnaire data, create policies and manage claims under the Agency Agreement.  Ventiv is the IT vendor that provides RiskConsole to SAFA and other companies across the world.

Are you a new user to RiskConsole?

If you are new and need to have a login to RiskConsole, please contact your Client Relationship Officer (refer to the list below) to arrange this for you.  Once your login is created, you will receive an email from ‘support@ventivtech.com’ with your username and temporary password which allows you to login and create your own password.

Client Relationship Officers

Vinay Vasisht(08) 8429 0455 Vinay.Vasisht@sa.gov.au
Tricia Ielasi(08) 8429 0414tricia.ielasi@sa.gov.au

Are you an existing user of RiskConsole?

If you are an existing user and need your password reset, please contact either your Client Relationship Officer or email RiskConsoleSolutions@sa.gov.au.  Once your password has been reset or reactivated, you will receive an email from ‘support@ventivtech.com’ with your username and a temporary password which will allow you to login and change your password.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for RiskConsole, however if you are unable to use Google Chrome see below for other supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari for Mac v7 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge

If you are still experiencing trouble, please email RiskConsoleSolutions@sa.gov.au for assistance.

Risk Register Database

As part of the development of an end to end insurance system, SAFA has developed a Risk Register database. This database is available for use by agencies. Its features include:

  • easily identifies changes to risks between reporting periods;
  • allows both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the risk level;
  • supports the quantification of risk through a client-definable matrix scoring system; and
  • increases the efficiency of risk management reporting for the organisation.

The database provides an alternative to maintaining spreadsheets and is less expensive and resource intensive than a large scale risk management solution.

For further information or a demonstration, please contact the RiskConsole Solutions Team at RiskConsoleSolutions@sa.gov.au