The South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA) has a Risk Management Guide available to agencies across the Government of South Australia.

The Risk Management Guide is based on AS/NZ ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards and provides practical advice to agencies on best practice risk management within a South Australian government context.

An across government working group has assisted SAFA to collaboratively review and update the 2009 Risk Management Policy Statement, which is now replaced by this newly prepared Risk Management GuideTreasurer's Instruction 2 will be updated to reference this guide in place of the Risk Management Policy Statement.

This guide is part of a suite of tools that SAFA has developed and is releasing to government agencies.  SAFA already has the risk register available for government to utilise.  These new tools have been created to assist agencies with their risk management practices and provide adequate information to manage and align their risks standards to their business requirements.

If you have questions about this Guide contact SAFA via