We value our employees are they are our ambassadors who help us to build on our well recognised global brand. Jane Hart is SAFA's newest ambassador.

Jane Hart

Jane Hart is a valued leader in SAFA’s Insurance and Fleet division.  As the Claims Manager, she is responsible for ensuring SAFA applies a consistent and fair approach to the management of insurance claims for the Government of South Australia.

As her LinkedIn profile promotes she is an experienced Claims Manager with a demonstrated history of leading high performing teams in the public and private insurance sectors.  Jane has twenty years’ experience in the insurance industry and SAFA is privileged to have her on the team.

Jane has extensive exposure across a diverse range of insurance classes, including complex liability and medical malpractice claims, as well as catastrophe property losses. Jane has built a high level of rapport and trust with SAFA’s customers and stakeholders, facilitating relationships which hold SAFA in high regard both nationally and internationally.

Jane is well respected by her team and peers in SAFA, as well as across the insurance industry for her professional work ethic, integrity and commitment to ensuring SAFA’s reputation as a model litigant.

SAFA recognises its employees and aims to promote their individual contribution.  Our employees are our ambassadors and help us to build on our well recognised global brand.  It is people like Jane that help SAFA differentiate ourselves as trusted advisers and leaders.  We value people like Jane on our team.

Available on LinkedIn - 1 July 2021