SAFA strives to be a leader in electric vehicles and values learning more about next generation fuel type vehicles.

We are evaluating a Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle. Toyota Australia have this vehicle in South Australia and have been providing information on how it all works. What a nice looking vehicle!

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) can be filled with Hydrogen at a filling station, and take a similar time to fuel as a petrol vehicle.  The hydrogen produces electricity via a fuel stack in the vehicle and the bi-product out of the exhaust is water.

FCEVs are a zero tail pipe emission vehicle that can provide an alternative to battery electric vehicles and are great for long range driving or to meet quick refuelling requirements.  As Hydrogen refuelling stations become available, this vehicle provides an efficient new green option for drivers which SAFA cannot wait to embrace.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle - Toyota Miraj