As part of the Department of Treasury and Finance 'Our Plan 2020-2022', SAFA is piloting innovative technology – smart key lockers.  The trial, which began in May, promotes a new way to access a short term hire vehicle quickly, minimising waiting times and allowing customers to self-service their needs.

During the trial, customers will use the existing vehicle booking process initially, but will then be given the choice to take part in the pilot. The more data obtained from the trial the better the outcome will be.

Participation in the trial is confirmed via email and customers will receive instructions on how to access the smart key lockers via email and/or SMS.

The smart key lockers will be located in the foyer of the State Centre Car Park and will contain all the items a customer will need, including the keys, fuel card, log sheet and car park cintac card, removing the need for customers to enter the Short Term Hire Booking Office.

It will create an easy way to collect and return a short term hire vehicle.

Feedback will be sought from participants about their experiences to enable improvements to be made to the process both during the trial period and in moving forward.

The trial project is a collaborative effort from many people, including Jacinta John, Project Lead and Manager Fleet Services, the Short Term Hire Booking Office (Daniel Clayton) and many others in SAFA from Fleet (Glenn Gaisford and Julian Stone) and Systems and Business Improvements (Rex Whitford).

For more information about the trial watch the video.

If you need to book a car, consider opting in to use the new smart key lockers.​  Book online now.