SAFA supports a number of state-of-the-art start-ups, including Plasma Shield Pty Ltd. Recently Plasma Shield secured $550,000 funding for trials of its innovative air decontamination technology, which could be used to stop the spread of superbugs such as COVID-19.

This innovation had already proven effective in the prevention of airborne virus transmission in laboratory trials making it a prime candidate for Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF) support.

Plasma Shield Director of Business Development, Bogdan Duszynski says the company’s technology has demonstrated real, evidence-based potential to eliminate super-bugs and significantly reduce the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections.

The state government contribution from the RCSF will be matched with private investment to move ahead with trials of the Keswick Company’s system in medical clinics.

The patented system uses a process of water electrolysis and non-thermal plasma – a cool gas renowned for high levels of air decontamination – to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses.

“Given the technology’s unique ability to electrolyse water molecules in air, it also prevents the spread of airborne contamination created from coughs and sneezes and could be a new viable weapon in the war against COVID,” Mr Duszunski said.

SAFA administer the RCSF, which supports South Australian businesses to collaborate with researchers and universities to solve industrial problems, commercialise new products and services, attract research infrastructure investment into the state; and encourage the establishment and growth of start-ups.

Stream Two of RCSF has been re-launched as the Seed-Start program, making it easier for the South Australian start-up community to understand and access what State Government support may be available to them.

Applications to Seed-Start are accepted on an ongoing basis.

“The South Australian Government’s funding contribution will allow us to explore ways in which we can further refine and adapt the Plasma Shield technology to limit transmission of infection in any future pandemics.”

For more information about how SAFA administers and supports industry assistance in South Australia visit the grants and loans page of the SAFA website.

For more information about Plasma Shield visit the website.