SAFA is an innovative and customer centric organisation and today launched the State’s own sustainable credentials with South Australia’s Sustainability Development Statement.

Anna Hughes, General Manager SAFA presented the statement to David Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Department of Treasury and Finance / Chair of the SAFA Advisory Board.

With an across government approach, SAFA has developed its website to highlight some of the environmental and social initiatives being undertaken within South Australia.

These initiatives all build and grow the South Australian economy and help promote investments to build resilience against the negative impacts of climate change and advance socio-economic outcomes for the community.

South Australia is well positioned to respond to climate change and is systematically identifying and managing climate-related risk across its assets, operations and activities.  The State has also positioned itself to harness the opportunities that its geography, coupled with climate change, brings.

The information presented on SAFA’S Sustainability Development Statement and website, represents the beginning of SAFA’s journey toward adopting best practice management and disclosure of material climate-related risk and opportunities. This work will enable the next step in SAFA developing an ESG framework that will govern its debt issuance programs to provide confidence to investors of their investment in a sustainable and responsible state.

To find out more, visit the Environmental and Social Commitments part of the SAFA website.