South Australia's Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is reducing power bills of public housing tenants whilst also creating a path for the future of distributed energy resources in Australia.

With the support of the Government of South Australia, Tesla and electricity retailer Energy Locals are developing South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant (SA VPP), a network of potentially 50,000 solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery systems across South Australia.

Housing SA tenants joining SA VPP have a solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery system installed and maintained at their home, at no cost. In return, they enjoy an exclusive price for electricity and a low daily electricity supply charge.

SA VPP is demonstrating how virtual power plants can reduce energy costs for households that join, and support the energy grid in ways that could reduce energy costs for all South Australians.

SA VPP is creating a path for other distributed energy resources in the future to provide important grid services that until now have only been provided by centralised, more traditional equipment.