South Australia has a comprehensive strategy to conserve, manage and protect its system of parks and reserves. This protected area system includes all reserves proclaimed under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, the Wilderness Protection Act 1992 and conservation reserves dedicated to the Minister under the Crown Land Management Act 2009.  Approximately one fifth of land in South Australia is held as Crown land and managed for the benefit of the community.

Management programs

A range of management programs are also underway to conserve and restore ecosystems both on and off reserves. These programs involve:

  • removal of threats, such  as environmental weeds or grazing by domestic stock and feral animals
  • eradication of introduced predators such as foxes and cats
  • re-introduction of threatened species and restoration of habitat through revegetation programs

The Environment Trend and Condition Reports provide an overview of the current condition of our key environmental assets, such as water resources, native vegetation and soil, and shows how they are changing over time and what is being done to support improvement.

Green Adelaide

Green Adelaide video

The South Australian Government has established Green Adelaide to increase natural capital in urban areas.

Green Adelaide will deliver practical outcomes across seven priorities. Each priority is connected and demonstrates the important relationships between land, water, sea, plants and animals, people and culture.

The State has a thriving agri-business sector and its primary producers continue to adapt and take up new technologies and techniques in order to promote more efficient, climate resilient and sustainable farming techniques, as well as the expansion and scale-up of carbon farming and manufacturing opportunities.

Climate Change Action Plan

Climate Change Action Plan

The State's Climate Change Action Plan 2021-2025 includes objectives and actions to build the climate resilience of landscapes, habitats and natural resources, secure climate resilient water supplies and support expansion of carbon farming and blue carbon.

Examples of actions in the Plan include:

Carbon Farming

The Government is developing a Carbon Farming Roadmap to support the expansion of carbon farming in South Australia.  Carbon farming involves land management practices that increase carbon stored in soil and vegetation (sequestration) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Carbon farming can play a key role in restoring and building natural capital through revegetation, regeneration and soil improvement. The strategy is supported by associated reforms to the Pastoral Lands Legislation.

Blue Carbon

Blue carbon projects that protect and restore coastal ecosystems are supported through the Government's Blue Carbon Strategy for South Australia.

Plant Protein Transformation

The establishment of a fit for purpose plant protein extraction and plant based manufacturing facility in South Australia will deliver a best-in-class plant protein value chain to supply both local and international markets.

Economic Support

The State’s Jobs and Economic Growth Fund supports projects to adopt new technologies and techniques to promote more efficient and sustainable farming techniques and the scale up of local plant based manufacturing.

Drought support package

The Future Drought Fund Program provides a combination of financial assistance for on-farm immediate/ emergency assistance enabling transition for climate change in the longer-term through installation of water efficiency infrastructure.

The State is also implementing requirements under the National Drought Policy through delivery of Drought Response and Drought Support and recovery programs.

Bushfire trees and soil

The State's Bushfire Recovery Program provides a wide range of support for landowners and industry including financial assistance, mental health support and legal advice.  Resilience courses equip landowners to respond and recover from the impact of bushfires and other adversity.