Call 000 if there is danger or serious injury

Call 131 444 if you require police attendance / assistance

A crash/incident claim form should be lodged within 24 hours (or by the next working day) with SAFA in the event of a SAFA leased vehicle being involved in a crash or incident.  

All crashes and incidents, especially those resulting in personal injury to government employees whilst on duty, must be reported as an incident in accordance with the agency’s incident or injury notification procedures as required by the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

Near misses should also be reported, through your agency work health and safety procedures.

Crashes or incidents must be reported to the Police if they result in:

  • vehicle damage greater than the legally prescribed amount; or
  • personal injury


Where a SAFA leased vehicle is stolen, a report must be made immediately to the Police and to SAFA as soon as possible and within 24 hours.

Lost fuel cards are to be reported to LeasePlan on 1300 651 088 immediately.

Personal items belonging to the employee, family or other personal or departmental items that are stolen from a SAFA leased vehicle are not covered by SAFA’s vehicle insurance arrangements.


LeasePlan roadside assistance 1800 818 048 Toll free 24/7
SAFA motor claims(08) 8429 0564 or (08) 8429 2428
Accident tow truck authority (metro) (08) 8231 5555
LeasePlan 132 572
Pete's Towing 0405 447 777
Dial-a-Tow (08) 8266 2222

Vehicle crash repairers

SAFA has agreements with a network of approved vehicle crash repairers.

When a vehicle crash occurs, Agencies will be required to adhere to current SAFA policies regarding reporting, vehicle repair and crash review.

It remains the driver’s responsibility to either take the vehicle to a SAFA nominated crash repairer (only if it is safe to do so) or arrange for it to be transported via the attending tow truck operator, or via a towing contractor as per the Crash and Theft procedure.  During business hours, this can be arranged through the SAFA Motor Claims team.

Crash/incident claim form

SAFA accredited crash repairers

SAFA accredited crash repairers operating hours over Christmas & New Year

Map of accredited crash repairers