The South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA) has appointed the Australian Driving Institute Pty Ltd (ADI) for the provision of driver training and education services for eligible SAFA clients.

ADI will provide self-paced secure online courses and physical courses either at the contractor's location or the work location of the government employee.

  • Physical in-person courses will be delivered onsite in the Adelaide CBD, inner and outer Adelaide metropolitan area, South Australia regional and remote locations (or a combination of electronic and onsite).
  • Online courses will be delivered via a secure web based online training module that may be accessed by any government employee with a secure log in provided by ADI.

Phone(08) 8322 8555
Mobile0419 422 506
SMS0419 422 506

Assistance and enquiries

Advice is available from ADI to government agencies or their staff to assist in identifying the type of driver training required.

Online and physical courses will be conducted exclusively for government agencies and their staff.