Government passenger and light commercial motor vehicles are managed and self-insured by SAFA.

All vehicles (with the exception of SA Police) are self-insured by SAFA.

SAFA should be named as the insurer when exchanging particulars after a motor vehicle crash.

SAFA leased vehicles include:

  • compulsory 3rd party bodily injury insurance; and
  • comprehensive insurance (note Police vehicles managed by SA Police).

Crash/incident claim form


Where the driver (or the person responsible for the vehicle on behalf of government) is using the vehicle for unauthorised purposes or is charged with a traffic infringement, they may be liable to meet the full cost of any damages incurred.

Where a driver of a government vehicle is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the driver may be personally liable for damages in the event of a crash. The driver may be liable to meet the cost of any insurance excess charged where the driver of the vehicle is blameworthy for any damage caused if
the vehicle is being used for authorised private purposes.

The driver may be liable to meet the full cost of any damages incurred by any involved parties if the vehicle is being used for unauthorised purposes.

If the SAFA leased vehicle requires scheduled servicing or maintenance, please telephone LeasePlan on 1300 651 088.

Fuel cards issued for SAFA leased vehicles may only be used to purchase automotive oils and lubricants, unleaded petrol (ULP), premium unleaded petrol (PULP), Opal unleaded petrol (OPAL), unleaded petrol E10 & E85, diesel and premium diesel, liquid petroleum gas (LPG)and Adblue fuel additive, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Fuel cards must not be used for batteries, fuel additives, car washes (except where approved by the Chief Executive) or personal items.

  • Put the wrong Fuel in your car?  Don't panic! Do not start the vehicle's engine.
  • Immediately call LeasePlan Maintenance Control on 1300 130 572.

Lost fuel cards are to be reported to LeasePlan on 1300 651 088 immediately.

Requests for new cards are to be made to LeasePlan on 132 572 .

If your vehicle requires roadside assistance:

  • Firstly check the handbook in the glovebox to see if the vehicle has manufacturer roadside assistance coverage.  If it does, use the contact number provided.

If the vehicle is not covered by a manufacturers roadside assistance coverage, please telephone Assist Australia 1800 818 048.