SAFA is the captive insurer for the Government of South Australia.  It provides comprehensive insurance protection, insuring the risks of South Australian Government Agencies and provides insurance advice and assistance to those agencies.

Treasurer’s Instruction 8 (TI8) requires that any Agency seeking insurance outside of the Government’s self-insurance arrangements administered by the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA), must obtain approval from the SAFA General Manager or their delegate. The TI8 Submission Form is to be used for the submission of all approval requests prior to obtaining insurances outside of SAFA.

SAFA is also responsible for reinsuring those risks in the Australian and International insurance markets, and provides reinsurance to the private insurance market for South Australian Building Indemnity Insurance risks.

It has two main divisions under the Insurance Division, Insurance Services and Claims, but also provides Risk Consulting and Advisory Services to South Australian Government Agencies.

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