The Government of South Australia's passenger and light commercial motor vehicle fleet is owned and managed by the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA).

SAFA is responsible for:

  • procurement, contract management and performance monitoring;
  • short hire pool; and
  • strategic management and updating of government fleet policies.

SAFA, through it's Fleet Division, leases vehicles to eligible clients.

Eligible clients are those organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • Government of South Australia agency; or
  • Hospitals and health units incorporated under the Health Care Act (SA) 2008; or Statutory Authorities (excluding universities); or
  • any other organisation (including Boards), which is approved by the appropriate agency chief executive or their delegates, where the organisation complies with the following:
    • receives a substantial portion of their funds from the Government of South Australia; and
    • there is a direct line of accountability between the organisation and a state government Minister.

LeasePlan Australia Limited (LeasePlan) is appointed as SAFAs Agent for the provision of Fleet Management Services.

Services provided by LeasePlan include:

  • vehicle distribution (vehicle ordering, acquisition and distribution to agencies through current arrangements with local and regional motor vehicle dealers);
  • vehicle services (vehicle service, maintenance, mechanical repair and breakdown assistance); and
  • fuel management (fuel card management).

Additionally, LeasePlan provides access to an extensive online web based fleet management system to assist agencies to manage their fleets. The LeasePlan system provides access to online vehicle ordering and a comprehensive suite of reports.

Pickles Auctions Pty Limited (Pickles) is appointed as SAFAs Agent to provide Vehicle Disposal Management Services.

Services provided by Pickles include:

  • preparing vehicles for sale;
  • vehicle inspection and rectification; and
  • vehicle sale.