South Australia's 2023-24 Post Budget Update

Welcome to the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA)

SAFA delivers superior financial, commercial, and advisory services to the South Australian public sector.

SAFA functions as the central financing authority, captive insurer and manager of the passenger and light commercial fleet operations for the Government of South Australia.

SAFA plays an integral role in the overall management of the State Government's finances and risks, harnessing economies of scale and relevant expertise in wholesale financial markets and insurance markets to provide a range of treasury, insurance and vehicle fleet management services to public sector clients, set by its strategic direction.

Our Vision

Build a customer centric organisation that has a strong reputation within Australia and internationally as being a role model for employee engagement and innovative government financial, commercial and advisory services.

Acknowledgement of Country

SAFA acknowledges and respects Aboriginal peoples as the State's first peoples and nations, and recognises Aboriginal peoples as traditional owners and occupants of land and waters in South Australia.

Further, that their spiritual, social, cultural and economic practices come from their traditional lands and waters; and that they maintain their cultural and heritage beliefs, languages and laws which are of ongoing importance; and that they have made and continue to make a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the State.

We acknowledge that Aboriginal peoples have endured past injustice and dispossession of their traditional lands and waters.